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QSB’s technology can easily be integrated into existing biodiesel plants. Only limited conversion of existing facilities is required, with majority of the existing operational and infrastructure components being retained or repurposed.

The result is improved profitability thanks to
  • Increased production capacity through improved operational efficiencies
  • Reduced consumption of energy and consumables
  • Greater flexibility through use of a wider range of oil and grease feedstock of varying quality.

New build

Unlike current biodiesel facilities which use batch production, QSB’s approach allows for truly continuous biodiesel production, thanks to the more efficient conversion of feedstocks. In turn this reduces capital and operational costs.

The technology offers:
  • Multi-feedstock capability: the ability to process a range of crude and refined vegetable oils and animal fats
  • Lower capital cost: a single step biodiesel reaction with a faster reaction time means smaller vessels, lower in-process inventories and volumes, leading to a reduced plant footprint
  • Lower temperature and pressure requirements increasing safety
  • Lower processing costs
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